About Me

What the sugar is this blog?

This is a personal-ish blog where I post a variety of things that fall under the umbrella term of “whatever-the-heck-I want.”

Define your terms, lady. What is ‘personal-ish’?

Personal-ish means that I will talk about things that relate directly to my life, but with some conditions:

  • names of non-famous people and places will not be used
  • super private details of my life will not be revealed
  • things that relate to my life will be discussed in the abstract
  • Strunk and White will rise from the grave and throttle me for using so much passive tense
  • I will not care

I will also discuss ideas that don’t relate to me personally (cue gasp from the Peanut Gallery). Again, the topic of this blog is “whatever-the-heck-I-want.”

And who are you anyway?

Woman/college student/writer/fangirl/dabbler/Wheat Chex whore. But you’ll probs find out more about me as this blog persists.

Is this blog safe for work or family settings?

I will never post NSFW pictures (despite my passion for taking sexy photos of myself eating Wheat Chex). However, I will use naughty language and talk about potentially Unsavory Things. So I guess, Reader Discretion is Advised.

Can I have your number? Can I have it? Can I have it?

Sorry, I try not to give out personal information over the web. I’m sure the vast majority of you are not axe-murderers and serial killers, but it only takes one of you to make me a Nightline story. So, sorry.
If you know me in real life, then you know how to contact me already. 😉

Ur blog is stoopid an u r fat lulz

I will delete all flame and troll messages immediately.

That’s all. Hope you enjoy my blog!


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