Coming Soon: Things. So Much Thing. Wow.

Here’s a list of posts that Yours Unduly is likely to do in the upcoming week(s?). While I’m not popular or WordPress-savvy enough to do a poll, all thoughts and preferences for certain topics over others are welcomed. In fact, I encourage them. Talk to me. Someone. Please. Talk. To. ME. ALL ABOUT ME ALWAYS.

Ahem. Excuse me. Tickle in my throat.

Here are les topics:

1. Part 2 of Struggles of Writing: The Writing Process 

Continuing where the first post about Struggles of Writing left off, this will discuss the challenges a writer overcomes to actually do the writing thing that writers are supposed to do.
Why bother? The legendary ‘Writer’s Block’: a struggle oft felt, oft discussed, and hard to remedy. After scouring the Internet for strategies to combat Writer’s Block, I’ve found most pieces of advice well-meaning but useless. Why? Many give tips focusing on what’s going on inside your story. However, my problem lies in getting to that butt-to-chair, fingers-to-keys position. I have no delusions about my size in the grand scheme of all life present on Earth at this very second, so surely someone else out there (maybe even you, Dear Reader) shares the same problems as Yours Unduly.

Also I can go on all day about how hard it is to write instead of, you know, actually writing.

2. Inside the Brainstorming Process

In this piece, I would pluck an idea out of the heavens, write out a plan stream of consciousness-style (read: no self-editing. Gulp.) and then go back and add reflections about my general process.
Why bother? As much as I make fun of myself, I do dare say that I have a knack for brainstorming. (It’s the turning-ideas-into-stories part that eludes me.) And some of you noobish writers may struggle with that, especially those of you plagued by fears of unoriginality.

3. [#] Pet Peeves

To get off the topic of writing entirely, I would throw my opinions of society out into the digital abyss. However, since my moral philosophy orbits around the idea of don’t-be-a-dick, the way I phrase my peeves may surprise you. Or not. No guarantees in this life.
Why bother? I don’t want to be the awkward uncle giving out unmerited and unwanted advice about writing all the time. Also this blog was built under the presumption that my thoughts matter, and matter enough that the public ought to hear them. So stick that in your juice box and suck it.

(Unless you don’t like juice. That’s cool, too. No worries, man.)

4. Reflections on my Choice of College

This may take more careful thought (read: more time) to produce than other posts. I know what I think of Georgetown, but language is a wibbly-wobbly ball that can get stretched, twisted, and turned inside out. I want to present my views in full accuracy, which requires balancing between self-censorship and unnecessary antagonization.
Why bother? Because every year thousands and thousands of high school seniors get saddled with their first real adult-ish decision that will direct the course of their life. The vast majority of us choose a college based on where we want to end up in our lives. So no pressure for that decision or anything.
As someone who dismissed certain things in her decision-making process that actually became important when she arrived on campus, I want to share some wisdom to all you high schoolers currently making or anticipating those decisions. And for once, that wisdom comes from real-life experience.

Those are all my plans at the moment. Again, if there’s something you want me to write about first, feel free to leave a comment. If you don’t care, that’s cool too. We’ll do our own respective things, yo.

– Yours Unduly


Coming Soon: Struggles of Writing

So I have been quiet for the past few days. Sorry about that, but I promise a post is coming soon. Likely tomorrow. Do not hold that promise to me in court; I have a midterm on Thursday already.

Said future post shall concern the struggles of writing, my reflections of them, and how I (try to) overcome them. Expect lots of introspection and unmerited (but well-meaning) advice-giving. It’ll be swell.

And the Friday Favorites series shall continue in its second installment. Also, this blog is now about six days old. 

Thanks for reading, see you soon!

-Yours Unduly